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2005-2010 Scion TC Fog Light Comparison

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In today's blog post we are going to compare the main differences between our Meng Motorsports corner Scion TC fog lights and the competitor fog lights on the market. There are several excellent fog light options for the Scion TC and we are going to explain certain advantages and disadvantages of going with our Meng branded fog lights.

Scion TC fog lights 2005-2010

Scion TC fog lights on the road

Lens Quality: Our 2005-2010 Scion TC fog lights are built with a high quality glass lens, just like the factory Toyota/Scion fog lights. An advantage of having a glass lens vs a plastic lens, is that glass will not yellow or haze overtime. As commonly seen in older plastic headlights, the lens can haze which negatively impacts light output, our fog lights will not. A glass lens also provides an increased luxury appeal. A disadvantage with a glass lens however is that it can crack from road hazards. The rare chance of the fog lights cracking is increased if your TC is lowered and if you drive within close proximity to the vehicle in front of you. For instances like these, we do provide a tint or clear bra option. Till this day we have not had one occurrence of a cracked fog light with our tint film.

Housing Quality: Just like the factory Toyota/Scion fog lights, our Meng fog light housing is also 100% aluminum where as most aftermarket fog lights are made of plastic. A huge advantage is the increased durability of our fog lights over plastic fog lights. Also an aluminum housing can withstand the increased temperature of upgraded bulbs, if you choose to go that route. To our knowledge there is no disadvantages of an aluminum housing vs plastic housings besides cost.

Fitment: We take a lot of pride in the fit and finish of our Scion TC fog lights vs the competition. Our fog lights require absolutely no drilling or wire splicing. Everything is plug and play. Our kits even use an OEM switch and wire harness that is compatible with the factory pre-existing fog light harness. There is no guess work and we even have a step by step install guide for our fog lights shown here.

Function: Aside from the stylish aspect of these fog lights, you will also experience an increase in visibility. As opposed to spot lights, these fog lights function as a flood light. With the standard H3 halogen bulbs, you will notice a beam that shines wider than the factory low beams which provides a wider angle of visibility. A further increase in visibility can be experienced if upgrading the standard bulbs. In addition, with the standard amber or upgraded yellow bulbs, these fog lights can aide in cutting through fog.

Value: With the definite advantages of build quality, fitment, and function over other aftermarket options, we are confident that our fog lights provide the most value. At a starting price that is slightly higher than the aftermarket brands, but considerably less than the factory Toyota/Scion upgrade, our fog lights are reasonably priced and are sure to exceed your expectations. 

Click here for our Scion TC fog light product page.

Scion tc fog lights installed | Meng

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