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DIY HID Kit Install | Meng Motorsports

Posted by Tony Meng on

Thank you for purchasing a Meng Motorsports HID Kit. Prepare to enjoy a more luxurious ride with increased visibility whether you drive in rain, snow, or night. HIDs have been proven to be extremely brighter than regular halogen bulbs.

The demonstration vehicle in this install guide is a 2007 Scion TC with 9006 bulbs. Please refer to your owners manual to confirm the correct bulb size. Installation is done at your own risk. Please disconnect your battery before install to ensure safety.

Step 1:

Scion TC hid kit install

Locate the factory headlamp plug that is connected to the existing headlamp bulb. Press in the clip and remove the headlamp plug carefully. Once the plug is removed, turn the base of the bulb counter clockwise to unlock the bulb. Remove bulb and preserve in a safe place in case of future use.

Step 2:

Grab one HID bulb by its base and insert into the empty headlamp socket. Once bulb is in place, turn the bulb by its base clockwise to lock the bulb back in place. Ensure the bulb is snug and is not loose. Never touch the actual bulb. Any dirt or oil may damage the bulb and cause a shortened life span.

Step 3:

Locate the two HID bulb wires extending out of the base of the bulb. These two plugs will connect into the two similar plugs on the ballast. Each plug will distinctively connect into the other wire. Before connecting, it is a good idea to find a ideal spot to mount the ballasts. We include both double sided tape and ballast brackets to allow users on how to mount their ballasts. Please choose a smooth and safe location to ensure ballast reliability.

Step 4:

Locate one plug-and-play wire. There should be two of these wires in the kit. One plug-and-play wire is used for each side. Plug the male side of the wire into the ballast opening. Then, plug the female end of the wire into the factory headlamp plug that was removed in Step 1.

Step 5:

Both ends of the plug-and-play wire should fit as snug as possible to prevent them from coming lose during operation. Ensure the red wire of the plug-and-play wire is facing the positive (+) side of the ballast. 

Step 6:

One side of the headlamp should now be fully connected and complete. Refer to the picture above for a quick summary on where each plug connects. The plug outline in BLUE is the plug-and-play wire that should connect to the ballast and the factory headlamp plug. The outlined WHITE wires are the two HID bulb wires that connect to the ballast wires outline in RED. Complete the same above steps for the other headlamp. Reconnect battery and test the lights. Enjoy your HIDs!

The following installation steps are for the optional relay harness:

Refer to picture above for a general idea of where each plug goes. Our relay harnesses are universal and generally fit in any size headlamp. By using a relay harness only one plug-and-play wire will be used.

Step 7:

First remove the 2 nuts holding the battery taps onto the battery terminals. By removing the nut, the screw should be exposed. Tap the two ring terminals from the relay harness onto the screws as shown above. Attach the nuts back onto the battery taps until snug.

Step 8:

Locate the headlamp closest to the battery. As shown above, the TC’s driver side headlamp is closest to the battery. Remove the previously installed plug-and-play wire as shown in Step 4. Instead you will attach the male side of the plug-and-play wire into the relay harness plug. Attach the other end of the plug-and-play wire into the factory headlamp plug. This plug-and-play wire is now used as an adapter to plug the relay harness into the factory headlamp plug.

Step 9:

Performing Step 8 will leave that ballast with an empty slot. Plug that female end with the male ballast plug from the relay harness. Relay harness wires may not be Red and Black, but instead Blue and Black or White and Black. Black will always be negative so ensure the positive wire is facing the positive (+) side of the ballast.

Step 10:

Now let’s work on the other headlamp. Remove the plug-and-play wire from the other ballast and headlamp plug. By installing a relay harness, this plug-and-play wire will no longer be used. Tape off the factory headlamp plug to protect it from any debris. Connect the longer ballast plug into the ballast. All connections of the relay harness should now be complete. Test the kit and enjoy!

Things to keep in mind:

-Always start your vehicle before turning the HID kits on. This will prevent most common problems of flickering bulbs. It is good practice to allow the battery to start the engine before powering the kit.

-Do not unnecessarily restart your HID kit repeatedly. By turning the kits off and on, you can cause damage to a variety of parts.

-If problems arise, always re-check connections. Try purchasing a relay harness. Relay harnesses are highly recommended for safety and will also fix many problems that may arise.

-Enjoy the HID kit and tell your friends and family about us!

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