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LED Headlight Bulb Install | Meng Motorsports

Posted by Tony Meng on

Congratulations on your purchase of one of the highest quality LED bulbs available. We take a lot of pride in our Meng Motorsports LED bulbs and are confident you will be just as happy as we are with these products.

The demonstration vehicle in this install guide is a 2007 Scion TC with 9006 bulbs. Please refer to your owners manual to confirm the correct bulb size. Installation is done at your own risk. Please disconnect your battery before install to ensure safety. Install difficulty 1 out of 5.

Step 1:

Scion TC Bulb removal

Locate the factory headlamp plug that is connected to the existing headlamp bulb. Press in the clip and remove the headlamp plug carefully. Once the plug is removed, turn the base of the bulb counter clockwise to unlock the bulb. Remove bulb and preserve in a safe place in case of future use.

Step 2:

Meng Motorsports LED Headlight bulb

Remove the Meng LED bulb from packaging and witness the quality that is in your hands. Always remember to handle the bulb by its base and never to touch the bulb diode as dirt can impair optimal performance and lifespan. 

Step 3:

Scion TC LED headlight bulbs

Shown here are the parts used for one headlamp. Ensure that all connections are secure before installing bulb into lamp. The LED electrical driver is shown by the red arrow and the optional plug and play harness is shown by grey arrow. This plug and play harness is required for any bulb size that is not 9006.

Step 4:

Scion TC fuse box cover

On the driver side of the Scion TC, you will need to remove the fuse box cover to allow room to install the LED bulb. We are only removing the cover, not the whole fuse box assembly. The cover is only held on by two simple clips on the front.

Step 5:

Scion TC LED bulb harness install

Next install LED bulb into headlamp and turn clockwise about 1/4 turn to lock the bulb in. Then plug the LED bulb harness into the factory headlight plug. This was the same plug that we disconnected in step 1. Repeat the same steps on the passenger side headlamp. The passenger side will be easier on the Scion TC as it does not require removal of any covers.

Step 6:

Scion TC LED headlights

Plug battery terminals back in and test the headlights. Enjoy the increased visibility!

*Certain vehicles may have a dust cover behind the headlamp that fully encloses the bulb inside the lamp. We currently do not recommend our LED kits to be used with sealed headlamps. These sealed caps may impair the performance of the heatsink and fan that is used by our LEDs.

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