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Scion TC Fog Light Install | Meng Motorsports

Posted by Tony Meng on

Thank you for purchasing our Meng Motorsports fog light kit for your 2005-2010 Scion TC. Considered as one of the best aftermarket fog lights for the TC, you will enjoy not only an increase in style, but also an increase in visibility during inclement weather. The install for these fog lights are completely plug and play, with no wire splicing required. Install of these fog lights are done at your own risk.

Difficulty: 2 out of 5. 

Estimated install time: 1 hour

Tools required: Basic socket set with 10mm and 12mm sockets. Flat head screwdriver. 

Step 1:

Scion TC bumper removal

Make sure car is in park with the negative battery terminal disconnected. For a clean install we recommend removing the front bumper. This may not be required, but we find it much easier to explain the wiring this way. There are 11 (10mm) bolts holding the bumper. All bolts are along the rim of the bumper, besides the bolts represented by the Grey arrows. The Grey arrows are two bolts that hold a tab from the bumper that is recessed about 1 foot. The yellow arrows point to bolts where the bumper edge meets the fender. You have to slightly peel back the fender liner to expose this bolt. It is very straightforward to remove the bumper, just be very patient during this process.

Step 2:

Scion tc bumper removal top clips

The top of the bumper is then held on by 5 plastic clips. These are 2 piece clips. Carefully use a small flathead to pop up the top piece. This removes tension on the clip assembly and allows the whole clip to be removed. 

Step 3:

Scion TC bumper removed fog lights

With bottom bolts and top clips removed, the bumper is now ready for removal. The only thing holding the bumper now would just be tabs underneath the headlight. Slowly start removing the bumper from the fender side to release the bumper from the headlight tabs. No tools required for this step. 

Step 4:

scion tc fog light plug

With bumper now removed, locate the main fog light harness that is included with the fog light kit. Of the two harnesses, this is the larger harness. The Scion TC already has a factory fog light plug pre-wired when manufactured. Shown above with red arrow, this factory fog light plug is located underneath the driver side headlight area. Our harness, yellow arrow, plugs into the factory fog light plug. 

Step 5:

scion tc fog light grounding

Next the fog light harness needs to be grounded. To the right of the fog light plug shown in step 4, you will see a set of wires already grounded. As long as the grounding spot is still clean with no rust, our fog light harness can re-use this grounding spot. Remove the bolt, red arrow, and attach our grounding terminal shown with yellow arrow. 

Step 6:

Scion tc fog light harness wiring.

Next run the longest wire of the fog light harness across the bumper to the other side. This long set of wires will be for the passenger fog light bulb plugs. Use zipties or electrical tape to provide a clean install when running these wires.

Step 7:

Scion tc fog light bulb harness.

Simply pop in the Meng fog lights into the bumper area, from the outside in. The two metal clips on the side of the fog lights will securely hold in the fog lights into the bumper. Next connect the bulb wires to the fog light harness. Black wire from bulb connects to black/white wire from harness. White wire from bulb connects to red wire from harness. Do this for both fog lights. The fog light harness should now be completely connected. Do not reinstall bumper yet.

Step 8:

Scion TC fog light fuse panel area.

Next step is to connect the fog light switch. Pull the fuse panel cover to access the backside of the switch panel area. This area is to the left of the steering wheel.

Step 9:

Scion tc fog light switch install.

With the switch panel popped out, locate the factory fog light switch harness. From factory there will be a white harness with nothing connected to it, as shown above. 

Step 10:

Scion TC switch harness

Locate the switch harness provided with the fog light kit. The connector shown with red arrow will plug into the fog light switch harness shown in previous step. The plug shown with yellow arrow will plug into the actual switch provided with our fog light kit.

Step 11:

Scion TC switch panel area

The provided switch will simply pop into the switch panel securely. Once the switch harness is fully connected, neatly tuck in the harness and re-install the switch panel and fuse panel cover. Everything from the fog light kit should now be completely connected.

Step 12:

Scion TC fog lights installed

Make sure to test the fog lights before re-installing the bumper. As a factory setup, the headlight low beam switch needs to be turned on for the fog lights to receive power. Once confirmed that the fog lights are properly wired, carefully align and reinstall the bumper. Make sure the bottom of the bumper goes underneath the splash guards, this will allow an easier time aligning the splash guards into the bumper. With the bumper aligned and with clips snapped back in underneath the headlights, the bumper should be able to hold itself. Two people makes this step easier, but its still possible for one person. Once bumper is aligned, reinstall the 11 bolts and the 5 top clips. Enjoy your new fog lights!

Picture shown above is a set of smoke tinted fog lights with the standard amber halogen bulbs. Our fog lights include an option of different tints and bulb upgrades. Click here for our Scion TC fog light product page.

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