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Scion TC Meng Fog Lights LED Install

Posted by Tony Meng on

This month was a very exciting month for us. The SEMA automotive convention was this month, which allowed us to meet and hang out with all the industry leaders that we work with. Most importantly, we also unveiled a new LED conversion kit that is made with the highest quality materials we have ever seen in the industry. With this LED kit now available, we took no delay in test fitting it into our 2005-2010 Scion TC Meng fog lights. With just a little patience, our new LED kits fit beautifully into these fog lights and provided increased performance over halogen bulbs.

Difficulty: 1 out of 5. Time: Roughly 10 minutes. Tools: Philips screwdriver. A wire cutter, sand paper, or simple filer.

Step 1:

Scion TC fog light LED rear

Remove the rubber boot and H3 bulb behind the fog light. The rubber boot simply pulls off and the bulb is held on by one Philips screw.

Step 2:

Meng Scion TC fog light rear shave

Once bulb is removed, carefully sand down the 3 circle bumps shown by the red arrow. Picture shown has the bumps already sanded down. You can also use a wire cutter and cut the bumps off as well. These three raised bumps provide a secure fit when using halogen bulbs. Due to the thicker bulb base from the LED, you will need to sand these down. The underside of the square tab (shown by yellow arrow) can also be very slightly shaved if necessary. 

Step 3:

Meng TC fog light H3 bulb

The H3 LED bulb base can be removed from the actual bulb (red arrow). Due to the size of the heatsink on the LED, you will need to remove this bulb base and install first into the fog lamp. To remove this piece, you simply push down and twist counter clockwise to unlock. 

Step 4:

Meng Scion TC fog light LED installed

Insert the H3 bulb base into fog lamp. With the 3 bumps sanded down (step 2), the bulb base should now evenly fit into the fog lamp bulb slot. It is very important to not use excessive force when installing this bulb base. If the H3 bulb base does not easily fit into the fog lamp slot, check to see if the tab is getting in the way and carefully file down if necessary. 

Step 5:

Scion TC fog light rubber boot cut

Cut down the rubber boot about a 1/2 inch from the top as shown (measured at the very top, including the small outlet).

Step 6:

Meng TC Fog lights LED fully installed

Insert the LED bulb back into its base. Make sure to align the tabs on the bulb and base as one tab is larger than the other. Insert LED bulb and twist to lock. The fog lights are now available for install. Make sure to connect the electrical driver and the H3 plug and play harness onto the LED bulb. The fog lights can now be installed onto the vehicle as normal.

Photo of Scion TC with the Meng LED kit in both low beams and fog lights:

Meng LED Conversion Scion TC

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